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Your experience always begins with a consultation to discuss your vision and expectations. Discover a new you as your hair designer-colorist recommends the perfect look to suit your style, personality and lifestyle.  We will take the time to LISTEN to you. We want to provide a personalized recommendation for your individual hair problems, issues and goals. We will address your specific concerns. We will inform you about the maintenance and price of your service. After mutual agreement we start your transformation

The French Haircut

Our cutting techniques focuses on a human’s head shape, comes from the bone structure of your skull, uses hair to frame the face resulting in soft, sexy versatile looks. French technique stands a client up for part of haircut so the hairstylist can study how the hair naturally accents your face. We always finish your hair with an extra haircut after blow-dry just as an artist would study his canvas we customize and texturize your hair to compliment your features.


Approaching each guest with “modern” eye is our rule. We will give you options to choose the hair color based on the tones that suite your skin tone, face shape and lifestyle. Essential part of the consultation is the “up keep” the maintenance and the price prior to any service.


Semi-permanent hydrating color, with brilliant shine. Enhances your color and helps to blend un-pigmented hair. This no commitment service fades gradually and doesn’t result in line of demarcation no “roots”.


Our unique French highlighting technique by which we use a brush to paint highlights directly onto dry hair achieving beautiful results that mimic natural “sun kissed” highlights.Unlike foils highlights, Balayage disguises re-growth lines and creates a more natural, sophisticated and dimensional look. We can compare this technique to the way painter uses his palette, mixing colors and balancing shadow and light.


Based on the target design we will choose the best technique for you. We mastered the art of various techniques to foiling hair. There is many incredible effects, accents and dimensional looks for your hair we can impressed you with. Foiling technique also helps to add fullness, volume by lifting the hair at the root area.

Conditioning Treatments

Your hair is our canvas. The best results in coloring, shaping, texturizing or smoothing are achievable on healthy hair. We have the hair mask, conditioners and treatments your hair needs

Smoothing Treatments

Say good bye to frizz and get smooth shiny hair in a snap! Let us see and feel your hair so we can determinate the best smoothing treatment for you. Whether you want permanent straightener, relaxer or just smoother but still curly, wavy hair will make it happen.

Permanent Waves

We need to see your hair and know exactly what is your goal and vision when it comes to texture. Whether you want just body wave, loose curls or tight pattern we will help you.​

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