Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Lenka Hair Salon Venice

At Lenka Hair Salon we approach each client with a modern eye. We believe that simplicity is elegance. What is a cover girl hair good for, if you are not able to maintain it at home? Keeping that mantra in mind, our stylists pay close attention to hair type, texture and deliver easy to work with and ownable style for our guests while still keeping individuality and lifestyle in mind.

Our philosophy is that hair should never be fussy or difficult to style. We provide our clients with wash and wear cuts. We help clients embrace their natural texture and help to make their total look a signature style. Let us introduce you to the best liquid tools (styling products) and techniques to make your hair look its best. The harsh, Florida sun and humidity requires that we send each client home with practical advice to help preserve their hair color investment.

Our difference is, believing that both education and talent is the key to excel in this industry. Each team member continues to stay focused, educated, inspired and up to date on current looks and trends.

At Lenka Hair Salon we have decided to dedicate a space on our wall to display the artwork of local artists to increase their exposure and bring the atmosphere closer to an art gallery. This creative idea brings unique, ever changing environment for our clients.

Every detail of the salon has been carefully thought out to make your hair care experience relaxing, enjoyable and beautifying.

*Please arrive to your appointment with clean hair to receive optimal results*

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